While we re-branded in 2013 as INSIGOS, we’ve been providing technology and consulting services to the public, non-profit and private sectors for over 15 years.

Our skill sets range from deep technology talent to project management, and business and marketing strategy acumen.

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Our Core Values

    • Listen Carefully

      We take pride in ensuring we understand your organization’s wants and needs.  It’s important to us we get it right.

    • Be Open

      Sometimes the best solution isn’t the obvious one.  We try to think outside the box, and explore all options and possibilities.  We also make sure the solution costs less than the problem.

    • Professional Responsibility

      We take seriously our mandate to do right by our customers.  If something is not in the best interest of the client, we don’t do it.  If we mess up, we take responsibility for that.

    • Measure Twice, Cut Once

      When possible, we like to get the job done right the first time.  While we’re a nimble and agile shop, we don’t do “ready, fire, aim”.

    • Test, Test, Test

      We verify all features and functions work properly.  We test again.  Then we check once more.   A great business model includes support contracts, but we’re weak there; we like to build products up front that WORK.

    • Do Great Work

      We take pride in producing great results.  It’s what moves us.  We enjoy making our customers proud.

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