Business Process Automation

Automation: More For Less Business process automation is the greatest differentiator in enhancing business productivity, and providing exceptional value to customers. The goals are:

  • Enhance or expand your service offerings
  • Update existing services to perform:
    • more effectively
    • more consistently
    • more rapidly
    • more cost-effectively

INSIGOS talks to you about your business practices, challenges, and objectives, and provides you an outside-the-fish-bowl business process assessment and technology-enabled process improvement options.

In many cases nowadays, quality OTS (off-the-shelf) solutions can automate a lot of typical business process scenarios, with just business-specific configuration and tailoring required. When this is possible, this is a low cost and reduced-risk technology technique. Insigos helps you identify and evaluate industry-specific technologies in your vertical.

INSIGOS is also adeptly capable of building full solutions from scratch when necessary. We also understand how to work with the multiple already-existing software systems you (and your business partners) are already running.

We are ever mindful of the cost of the solution having to be less than the cost of the problem. Our focus is effective and affordable solutions, suitable to your business context. That’s how we gain our business reputation and referrals.